Platform Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Available at our Nashville & 30A Salon Locations

hello, come & get your dream hair please…

hello, come & get your dream hair please…

We all wish there was something we could change about our hair. Longer, thicker, more volume, brighter color, you name it - and we know it, because we’re just like you. We know you want the hair of your dreams and you want it NOW - that’s why we are adding Platform Hand-Tied Extensions in our Nashville salon and 30A salon locations! We haven’t been this excited about extensions in a long time - keep reading to find out why!

Platform Hand-Tied Extensions are next level because they will give you the hair of your dreams instantly - even if you can’t grow it! They are so much more sophisticated than any other extension method we’ve ever offered. Seamless blending and nearly invisible bonding means your hair can be longer, fuller, AND styled however you want!

What makes Platform Hand-Tied Extensions so great?

Each extension is hand-tied, making a much thinner weft, which allows us to stack multiple wefts - creating maximum length, fullness, and perfect color blends all while laying flat to the head with MINIMAL CONTACT POINTS.

Minimal contact points are crucial - this means there is less contact with your natural hair and the extension attachment which means less damage and shedding for your natural hair.

Say buh-bye to sticky tape and adhesive residue left in your hair after move up appointments.

Also, the extensions are custom colored after installation (yes! while they are in your hair!) so that they perfectly match your existing hair color. This means they are virtually invisible.

You can part your hair or style your hair any way you want - even in braids, high ponytails, & top knots! They are THAT undetectable - literal game changer for my ladies who are used to tape-in extensions and fusion extensions, am I right?

With proper care, hand-tied wefts will last 6-8 months with maintenance appointments required every 6-8 weeks.

To properly care for the extensions at home:

& these are non-negotiables, okay ladies?...

1. Sulphate Free & Paraben Free shampoo and conditioner - we recommend Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash and Rinse or Young Again Wash and Rinse.

2. Leave in moisturizer with heat protection and UVA/UVB protection - We recommend INCOMMON Magic Mist.

3. Hair serum or oil - our absolute favorite is Kevin Murphy Young Again.

Tips for keeping your extensions in good shape:

Shampoo as infrequently as possible - dry shampoo will be your best friend!

Keep all heat styling tools at 350 or less - excessive heat will cause dryness, damage, and breakage for your extensions.

Make sure hair is completely dry before going to bed. Going to bed with wet hair will cause matting of your hair and the extensions.

The pool and the ocean are bad news for hair extensions :-(. It is essential to coat dry extensions with a leave-in conditioner (like Kevin Murphy’s Leave-In Repair) before getting into the pool or ocean. This will help protect your extensions from the damaging effects of chlorine and salt water. Frequent swimming in chlorine or salt water will make your extensions dry and brittle and could discolor lighter shades.

Sunscreen and self tanner can also discolor extensions, especially lighter hair. We recommend putting hair up when applying sunscreen or self tanner, and suggest using lotion-based sunscreen instead of aerosol.

Minerals in regular tap water can also cause dryness and discoloration. We recommend purchasing a water filter for your shower head. Shower head water filters are available on Amazon or at your local hardware store for $30-$50.

Okay, if you’re not completely dying for hand tied extensions yet, then just check out these before & after hair transformations!

Are you ready to book a complimentary consultation to find out if Platform Hand Tied Extensions are right for you?

Call our Nashville salon at 615-327-3474 or our 30A salon at 850-583-0639 to reserve a time to chat with one of our Hand-Tied Extension specialists.