Bonnaroo Babes + CMA Fest Cuties!

My loves, we’ve made it to another festival season. We should all feel so proud to have arrived at the Summer of 2019 given the infinite stream of endlessly depressing news items that all but consume OUR ENTIRE LIVES. But you’re not here for that, you’re here to party so LET’S PARTY!!!

As Nashvillians we’re so freaking blessed to be the home of TWO major league summer music festivals! We are days away from even worse traffic and hordes of women in sundresses and cowboy boots - CAN’T WAIT!

SO YEAH - CMA Fest + Bonnaroo are like REALLY upon us and if you’re anything like the team at LOVE Nashville, you’re obsessing over what in the actual hell you’re gonna wear to these things and deeply stressing about the BEAUTY of it all - and that’s where we come in!

For the entirety of CMA Fest, (June 5th - June 9th) we’ll be opening up the Glam Bar to help you get extra ready! $30 for 30 minutes of pure treat yourself - a little curl here, a smoky eye over there and you will be READY TO GO! Reservations for the bar will fill up fast so give us a call as soon as you can!

And we’re here for you too, Bonnaroo! From June 12th to June 16th the girls are ready to braid you up and get your hair out of the way but like, fashionably! $30 for 30 minutes of express braiding will seriously help you stay cute and breezy in that hot hot heat.

While you’re getting ready, with or without us (hopefully with, duhhh) please enjoy these playlists that we’ve personally thrown together and endorse - one for each event!