Blonde Bible - Edition 1

Blonde on @AlexGraceDickerson by @SaraMay_level10 at our 30A salon location

Blonde on @AlexGraceDickerson by @SaraMay_level10 at our 30A salon location

They say blondes have more fun, and considering the high % of Love Salons clients at our Nashville salon and 30A salon locations that are blonde or are asking for some type of blonding service, then perhaps that is a true statement. We love making blonde dreams come true, so we decided to give you all of our blonde knowledge in a series of blog posts that we’re calling the Blonde Hair Bible.

Our first edition is for all of you folks with platinum dreams. You believe the lighter the hair the better, and you’re always asking your stylist to take you blonder. Gwen Stefani and Khalessi are your hair goals always, and the words “lowlights” and “dimension” make you cringe. Read on blonde babies! We’re giving you all the deets on how to live your best blonde life!

First of all, there are so many different types of blondes from Khalessi white blonde to multi dimensional lived in blonde looks. When you are deciding which blonde is your ultimate hair goal, it’s important to take several things into consideration. One of those is your budget. Going extremely blonde can be extremely expensive, and it’s not just your initial investment to think about either. Maintenance appointments are very important, and so is the proper at home care.

Icy blonde by @popcoulter_ in our Nashville salon location

Icy blonde by @popcoulter_ in our Nashville salon location


The brighter and lighter your goal is, the more expensive it will be to get there - and also to stay there.

Khalessi blonde or Gwen Stefani blonde is what we would call a Full Global Blonding. This particular service starts at $200, and goes up in price depending on which stylist you book with, and how thick / long your hair is. The initial Full Global Blonding service may need to be repeated multiple times (on different days) if your starting point is very dark or you have had color services in the past. Basically, it may take multiple appointments of $200+ to get you to your final blonde goal, and you should be prepared to have warm toned hair color until you get to your end goal.


After you reach your perfect shade of platinum, you will need maintenance or “root touch up” appointments ever 4-6 weeks at $140+. It’s important to stay on schedule with your touch ups, because if you try to go past the 6 week mark, it is very difficult to touch up your grow out without creating “banding” (Banding is areas of inconsistent lightness, and no platinum blonde wants yellow or brassy bands throughout her hair), and touch ups past the 6 week mark of regrowth will cost more $$$ because of the difference in application / processing times. We always recommend scheduling your next maintenance appointment before you leave the salon. That way you are on the books, and on track with your touch ups. Being this blonde isn’t for those with commitment issues, okay?

At Home Care

Bright blonde by in our Nashville salon location

Bright blonde by in our Nashville salon location

In between maintenance appointments, you must be using the proper at home care to keep your blonde hair in the best shape possible. Because at home care is so important, be prepared to invest in a variety of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and serums at your initial appointment. Think of it like this - your new hair needs a whole new wardrobe of products to keep it living its best life.

We recommend a sulphate free and paraben free shampoo and conditioner made specifically for blondes like Kevin.Murphy Blonde Angel and also a reparative system like Kevin.Murphy Repair.Me wash and rinse, a leave in treatment with UVA/UVB filter like InCommon Magic Mist, and a serum for your ends like Kevin Murphy Young Again, as well as a weekly detox shampoo like Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash to prevent discoloration from hard water and the environment and Olaplex #3 to prevent breakage.

Here’s a breakdown of the products we recommend and why you need them…

Olaplex #3 - Olaplex is a bond builder, and as a blonde the bonds in your hair strands are fragile and easy to break. Using Olaplex #3 is essential to prevent your bonds from breaking and to form new bonds in your hair strands for the healthiest hair possible

Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash and Rinse - This shampoo and conditioner system is specially formulated for blonde hair with softening ingredients like shea butter and mango butter, and optical brighteners in the form of lavender pigments that will keep your blonde hair from yellowing out.

Kevin Murphy Repair Me Wash and Rinse - We recommend the Repair.Me system for blondes that are dealing with damage, and need reconstructing ingredients. Unlike traditional protein based systems, it will not dry your hair out. It’s perfect for highly-processed blondes that are in need of soft, soothed, repaired hair.

Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash - Blonde hair is like a white t-shirt - it tends to absorb all the impurities from the environment leaving it discolored and dingy. Maxi.Wash is a detox shampoo that can be used weekly to remove unwanted mineral deposits from water, chlorine from swimming pools, product build up, and environmental impurities.

InCommon Magic Mist - It literally is magic! It’s a leave-in conditioning spray that is full of hydration, heat protection, and UVA/UVB filters. It can be used on damp or dry hair, and it is ESSENTIAL for protecting and improving blonde locks.

Kevin Murphy Young Again Serum - This is a weightless, leave-in serum infused with Immortelle essential oil. It’s extremely conditioning and helps fight dry, damaged, and brittle hair - all while adding healthy shine. This is a very important product for anyone with blonde locks that wants the healthiest, longest hair possible.

Mr. Smith Blonde - this is a color treatment that you can use once a week after shampooing. It has a strong purple tint, and is one of the best products we have ever found to counteract the yellow and brassy tone that blonde hair can take on between color appointments. If you are really committed to having the whitest blonde possible, then this is a must have.

Dry Shampoo - We have 2 favorites… Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair and Mr. Smith Dry Shampoo. Because blonde hair is more fragile and prone to dryness, we recommend shampooing as infrequently as possible - 2 times a week tops! Dry Shampoo is great for refreshing your roots on days between washes.

Here’s what a normal weekly At Home Care schedule for blonde hair looks like…

Sunday - Olaplex #3 for 20+ minutes on damp hair, followed by Blonde Angel wash and rinse.

InCommon Magic Mist sprayed on clean damp hair, and let your hair air dry.

Monday - Young Again Serum on ends before heat styling

Tuesday - Dry Shampoo on roots and InCommon Magic Mist to refresh ends - Young Again Serum on

ends if needed

Wednesday - Shampoo with Maxi Wash - follow with Mr. Smith Blonde treatment for up to 5 mins.

InCommon Magic Mist on clean damp hair. Let hair air dry or apply Young Again serum

before blowdrying

Thursday - Dry shampoo and Magic Mist / Young Again as needed

Friday - Dry Shampoo and top knot day! or refresh waves with an iron after applying Young Again Serum

Saturday - Dry Shampoo, Magic Mist, and a cute braid or top knot

Winer blonde by @masonsdollhouse in our Nashville salon location

Winer blonde by @masonsdollhouse in our Nashville salon location

Now you have all the pro tips on how to be the blondest blondie..

Still dying to be the whitest shade of pale possible? Book a consult with one of our blonde specialists in our Nashville salon or our 30A salon to create a plan to get you there in the healthiest way possible. Just remember, being extremely blonde takes commitment on your part to keep your hair color maintained and as healthy as possible.

Look for our next Blonde Bible - edition 2 post soon! We’ll be covering dimensional blonde looks like Balayage and Lived In Blonde