Blonde Bible - Edition 2 - Balayage and Lived In Blondes

The prettiest blondes are the ones that are multi tonal and full of dimension. These looks are fairly easy to achieve with the right techniques, and even easier to maintain. There’s nothing like a bright blonde money piece framing your face, lots of babylights mixed throughout your hair, and pops of bright blonde through your ends for the best Lived In blonde look. Does all of that sound like a foreign language? Keep reading and we’ll break it down for you, so that you know exactly what to ask your stylist for to get the blonde of your dreams.

Anatomy of a blonde

Blonde by  @Kayla_Magallan

Blonde by @Kayla_Magallan

Money Piece - the brightest section of hair closest to your face - We like to make this piece really pop, so you get the highest impact of illumination.

Babylights - tiny micro highlights in foils that are placed very close together all throughout your hair for the most beautiful blended blonde - Good babylights are always blended and never streaky.

Pops! - the brighter pieces concentrated on the last 1/3 of your lengths and layers - Pops give your blonde intensity, but since they aren’t painted all the way to your root, maintenance is a breeze. We create them by teasing sections of hair at the root, and then painting the last 1/3 of the hair strand and wrap it in foil for processing.

Balayage - a handpainted technique that doesn’t utilize foils - Handpainted highlights (or balayage) give a very natural, soft result without the harsh lines or grow out, BUT what you gain in softness you will sacrifice in brightness. Handpainted pieces won’t get quite as light as the highlights that are placed in foil.

We really feel the best dimensional blondes are created using a fusion of the techniques listed above. That being said, you may have a head full of foils with pops and balayage placed in-between those foils to create your best blonde.

Once we’ve lightened your hair using a combination of our favorite techniques, we still aren’t finished.

Next, we have to glaze your hair to make your lightened locks the perfect shade of pale.

Think of glazes like Instagram filters. We all edit and filter our selfies and Instagram pics to present the tones and shades that make us look our best right? Same thing with glazes for your hair. Layering glazes over lightened hair gives us the ability to make your blonde the perfect tone that suits your skin tone, eyes, and hair goals.

Glazing techniques that we love, and that you will hear us talk about in the salon are explained below so you are in the know! Knowledge is power - especially when it comes to being able to communicate and understand what it takes to get your hair to your desired goal.

Root Glaze - Root glazes are translucent. This means they won’t completely cover your highlights. Because what’s the point of that right? They simply give you that perfect shadow that softens your highlights and helps ease your grow out. We paint a root glaze on the first 1/2’ of your hair at the root, and we typically don’t paint a root glaze on your money piece or hairline highlights.

Hairline & Ends Glaze - This is the glaze that gets applied everywhere including your hairline, money piece, and over all the ends and pops. It’s translucent, so it won’t darken your freshly blonde hair at all. It’s just going to give you the perfect customized tone - whether you like it warm and buttery, nude and creamy, or cool and icy - and it’s what makes your blonde look luxe, shiny, and expensive.

ColorMelt Glaze - this is a technique where we use 3+ glazes to give you a very gradient, melted look. Think Root Glaze + Hairline and Ends + 1-2 more glazes in-between! ColorMelts start deeper at the root and different glaze formulas are melted and blended together from your roots to ends. This look gives you the ultimate lived in look, and is ideal for blondes who like to see lots of dimension and our brondes and blondettes - those of you who like to live in the in-between world of brunette and blonde.

Blonde by  @love_x_renae

Blonde by @love_x_renae

So that’s the lowdown on how we create the best Lived In Blondes and Balayages.

Maintenance appointments can be stretched as long as 6 months for the Lived In look, however we do recommend that you pop in every 6-8 weeks for a Glaze + a Blowout or a Glaze + a Haircut to keep your hair looking its shiny, well toned best. Glaze only appointments are significantly less of an investment than full touchup appointments, so your pocketbook will thank you, too.

If you’re looking to be bright, but want an easier maintenance schedule, these techniques are definitely for you.

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